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He whom walks in the light of which is Clock.

Posted by PropagandaClock - May 4th, 2008

Love thy enemy, giveth; hoping for nothing in return... and you shall be: Sons of the most High!

He whom walks in the light of which is Clock.



He looks so evil.

He is not evil, nor is he good, he is just. He is.


I always knew you was a physco...

LegendaryAwesome was here! Visit my userpage for HOT BRAZILIAN SUPERMODELS!

I voted 5 on cog of man. twas pretty good.

blessed art thou for i have seen the red and forsaken my god for yours. i shall be of the many to follow the prophet of clock and seek his guidence and wisdom as he sees fit. what sayeth you blessed clock?

And he speaketh; Truly you are one who walks in the light of which is Clock! Blessed be thy path and glorious thy deeds, for he who treads the path of the Lord Most High shall fear no shadow: When he is with you, who can possible stand against you?

Spread the word of which is Clock, Herald the coming of Him!

I wished you would make more cartoons. I love your style and references to World War II and the Nazis.

You there, Clock!
I am Dr. Eggman, the new ruler of the Clock Crew and I order you to spam the portal relentlessly with as many [CC] Flash as you possibly can! Today is the day we rage war on all spam groups who dare stand against us, and as a member of the Clock Crew it is your job to spread that title to as many parts of this site as you possibly can!
Now is our time to take over Newgrounds, I trust your fully prepared!

You haven't seen the last of me!!

You cannot kill the ClockCrew.

Propaganda is there a light brighter than clock?

There is no brither star on the Clock heavens but that of B, yet it is in itself part of the ubiquitus light of which is Clock.

Greetings dear brother for I am one who follows the light of that which is clock, I follow the ways of the almighty B yet I try to find peace with those who oppose us, I wish to show them the light, yet not blind them with it. Surely the locks founded upon a most evil purpose can be swayed and shown the light because even the most evil animals have common grounds with our brotherhood. I propose we end the war so we may prosper. I am also one who uses the program known by powerpoint, but fear not, I am no spammer, I am no nooblet, I am a powerpointer clock, I sense doubts within you, and so I direct you to my flash deus ex madness episode one! <a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/418307">http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /418307</a>

Propaganda please help me with my dilemma. I feel as if the way I act I may never become a real clock please help me before 9 p.m. pacific time.

Fear not Clock of Bored, Strawberry tests all of us.

To be a Clock is simple yet hard,
Be humble, even when superior
Be kind, even when met with disdain
Be proud, even when met with rejection
Be perseverant, even when the internet tears upon your heart.
Do the works of flash and do them with soul, For if you take no pride in your works nor Clock then noneother will.

We are the ClockCrew, the internets finest.

i hoep u will BE BACK.

i am THE CLOCK OF BLADES na im just kidding but some of the cock-clocks do have shity names